Document automation.

Save time and improve your processes. Harness your data for business insight.

Drafting, reviewing and approving business critical documents is time consuming and prone to error. 


Multiple versions of standard, ‘compliant’ document templates and inconsistent content in your customer or supplier contracts creates commercial risk.

Our cloud solution automates the creation of documents and associated review and approval processes. We work with you to tailor the document templates and design the approval workflow to ensure you’re compliant with your internal policies and standards. Our design and delivery process ensures that you and your business get the most out of working with an automation platform.

Together, we’ll save you time, while improving the quality, consistency, and auditability of your documents and processes. 


Legally assured compliance solutions.

Reduce your exposure. Reduce the administrative burden. Review, monitor, and manage compliance risk.

Managing regulatory compliance is time consuming but business critical.

We help businesses large and small to automate repetitive legal advice, regulatory compliance, and risk management tasks. Where it makes sense to do so, our unique solutions are designed with and assured by Chapman Tripp’s legal experts. We ensure consistent and continuous compliance to applicable laws and regulations.

Focus on advising your business and know that the low-value but high-risk compliance tasks are taken care of.


Build your own apps.

Save time by automating aspects of your day job. Trade your apps on the community marketplace.

There are numerous day-to-day legal processes that take up too much time.

We believe the future is about arming lawyers with technology and allowing you to control your workload so you can spend more time doing what you should be doing: advising clients.

Join the maker community with us and do more with your legal expertise. Zeren is the regional partner for Community.lawyer, a platform for you to build your own apps that automate document generation, streamline client intake processes, and enhance service delivery. This is ideal for SMEs and in-house legal teams looking to optimise daily processes and documents in the most cost-effective way and with the most control.
Receive a 10% discount on Community.lawyer’s ‘App Builder’ annual subscription fee.


Strategic procurement, contract lifecycle and supplier relationship management solution.

Lift supplier performance. Realise the intent and value of your contracts throughout their lifecycle. Be more efficient.

Contract and supplier management is often undervalued. 

With the right information at the right time, procurement professionals and commercial managers are valuable business partners who can strategically manage suppliers and contracts getting the most out of the relationship. The right suppliers are procured, performance and spend is managed, and risk is understood and mitigated.

Through our partnership with Portt we offer a market-leading procurement, contract, and supplier relationship management solution. Take control of your procurement and contract management processes through automation, gain clarity on performance, obligations and spend, and unlock the strategic potential of your supplier and contract data.

Portt allows you to reduce the time spent on administrative tasks, operate strategically, and make informed decisions about your supply chain.

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