Automation of the annual calendar for compliance with the NZX Listing Rules

Recent changes to the NZX Listing Rules mean that company secretaries and compliance managers need to stay on their toes. Maintaining a compliant calendar of events is time-consuming, and care is needed to avoid awkward mistakes.

Zeren worked with one of its key clients to develop an automated application which generates the creation of the annual NZX compliance calendar. Our client worked with us to define the features that would be most useful, and together we worked with Chapman Tripp’s legal experts to test the features and assure the underlying rule set.

The result is an automated compliance solution that any NZX listed organisation can use. Your key reference dates drive our rules engine, which generates a fully compliant Microsoft Outlook calendar. You can add your own compliance groups and events, whether related to your own company’s listing, or for other regulatory requirements that are date-driven. You can also share your calendar with others. Ongoing assurance to the underlying NZX rule set is provided by Chapman Tripp.

To date, we have three of the NZX 50 companies using our application.

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