Automation of home loan variation disclosure documents, and customer documentation for overdrafts.

Kiwibank has implemented a document and workflow solution to automate the production of its lending disclosure documents, making them succinct and customer friendly.

The Zeren team worked with the bank to produce one automated template for its lending variation letters and one for its overdraft letters. This template redesign simplified the production process, enabling each letter to be tailored to specific changes in lending requirements.

Kiwibank staff now use Zeren’s document automation service (underpinned by Thompson Reuters’ Contract Express platform) to create each letter. They input the information and the software produces the document seamlessly improving quality, consistency and compliance.

Zeren automation means that Kiwibank’s lending disclosure documentation is more closely tailored to what is happening with each individual customer, meaning no more unnecessary legal ‘boilerplate’, and a better customer experience.

Contact us for a discussion in how our document and workflow automation solutions could help you become more efficient and better manage commercial risk.

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