Automation of offer letters and employment contracts

In New Zealand, Christchurch-based Terra Cat is a leading value-added solutions provider to the infrastructure, mining, forestry, transport and power industries.  Companies in the Group hold dealerships for world-famous brands including Caterpillar, Hyster and Palfinger.

Zeren’s contract automation service helped Terra Cat to streamline the production of its employment offer letters and employment agreements.  We worked with Terra Cat to automate the creation and sending of new employment agreements and cover letters to 850 New Zealand staff.

An interactive online Zeren questionnaire has replaced a time-consuming, manual document creation process. The questionnaire generates targeted questions and compiles content based on the specific requirements for each existing or prospective employee. This means every letter of offer and individual employment agreement is built on consistent and compliant terms, and automation dramatically reduces the time taken to complete the process.

“Once we put the cloud-based platform into production, the benefits were immediate and astounding. The time to create the new employee offer documents reduced from 60 minutes to 10 minutes at most.  Errors arising from using one offer letter as the template for another were eliminated.  It made for a very happy General Counsel and a very appreciative HR team.”

  • Graeme Randle, General Counsel, Terra CAT Ltd.

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