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Automation of funding agreements

Our client is responsible for the preparation, approval and management of a large number of funding agreements.

The administrative task of preparing many funding agreements had proven challenging, given the large volume of applications, our clients’ tight timeframes, and the need to produce complex legal documents that were able to be adapted to a variety of unique projects.

We worked collaboratively with our client to develop a cloud-based contract generator and “super template” that:

  • allows staff to quickly and easily produce complex legal documents on demand, by filling out a smartform, without need for the legal team to draft each document,
  • includes ‘dynamic wording’ that can adapt for the variety of uniquely complex projects,
  • saves the legal team time by limiting legal review to areas of particular risk, and
  • efficiently tracks and analyses data on each funding recipient to provide insight to Government.

In just a few months we delivered a successful solution that has addressed our client’s pain points. With one simple automated process, it can now efficiently handle volume, manage legal risk, and monitor progress of contracts in preparation.

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