Day: November 3, 2020


Realising the benefits of Supplier Relationship Management

There is a sound business case with significant advantages to be had for businesses that invest in Supplier Relationship Management (SRM).
By focussing on a few critical success factors and making use of the technology solutions that are now available, the full gains of closer collaboration and engagement with suppliers can be realised.

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Our Services

Document Automation

Document Automation Automate the creation of forms, documents and contracts and the associated review and approval cycle. Save time and improve your processes. Use the

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Compliance Automation

Compliance Automation Automate compliance processes with bespoke, industry-specific software applications. Better manage compliance risk with a legally assured, automated solution. Managing regulatory compliance is time

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Contract Lifecycle Management

Contract Lifecycle Management Automate your contract and supplier management processes with the leading procurement, contract and supplier lifecycle management solution, Portt. Enable the strategic potential

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