Day: October 22, 2020


Strategies for our recovery – embracing socially responsible procurement

The shift in consumer attitudes has forever changed the way that organisations need to procure their goods, services or raw materials. As well as the obvious benefits of reduced supply chain risk and support to the local economy, the business case for socially responsible procurement extends to brand value. Modern technology enables organisations to manage, monitor and measure the success of socially responsible procurement practices.

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Document Automation

Document Automation Automate the creation of forms, documents and contracts and the associated review and approval cycle. Save time and improve your processes. Use the

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Compliance Automation

Compliance Automation Automate compliance processes with bespoke, industry-specific software applications. Better manage compliance risk with a legally assured, automated solution. Managing regulatory compliance is time

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Contract Lifecycle Management

Contract Lifecycle Management Automate your contract and supplier management processes with the leading procurement, contract and supplier lifecycle management solution, Portt. Enable the strategic potential

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